Women’s T-Shirt Nurse Wash Your Hands

Unisex Tshirt

Σύνθεση: Jersey 155g/m² – 100% Βαμβάκι Ringspun πενιέ


  • Sol’s Unisex t-shirt με στρογγυλή λαιμόκοψη, φακαρόλα στο λαιμό και στενή γραμμή.
  • Με πλαϊνές ραφές, φινίρισμα σιλικόνης και απαλό και λείο βαμβάκι πενιέ.


Wash and Care Instructions

In order to have fun with the textiles for as long as possible, we recommend you the following washing instructions:

Wash cold

1. Wash your apparel inside out

Turn the items inside out for protecting the print and avoiding other items from damaging it. Wash on a low temperature of 30°C.

do not dry clean

2. Do not dry clean vinyl prints

Vinyl printed apparel should never be dry cleaned. The temperature and chemicals are too intense for this kind of print.

do not bleach

3. Don’t use Bleach

Bleach and hot water can seriously damage your clothes. For removing stains use a stain remover stick or cold water with mild detergents. 

4. Always iron inside out

Direct heat will damage your prints, so always iron your apparel inside out or cover your print with a protective ironing cloth pad and set your iron to a lower heat.

Do not tumble dry

5. Do not tumble dry

Avoid tumble dryers as their high temperatures can cause clothing shrinkage and affect or damage the prints.

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